Qianli LT1 Type C Interface Insulate Power Supply

Qianli LT1 Type C Interface Insulate Power Supply DC Diagnostic Instrument with Boot Test Cable

Numbers and pointers are on the same dial surface, rejecting the separate use of one heart and two purposes, and the voltage, pointer current, and digital display current are displayed on the same screen
The sensitivity of the mechanical watch without delay + the precise value of the digital display
Reserved expansion card slot, is the header, not just the header
The industry’s first independent power supply design does not take power from the circuit under test, more accurate
The current of all power-consuming components is provided by the Type-C interface, which does not pollute the current and voltage under test
Optional expansion card set to solve various maintenance pain points
The expansion card corresponds to the USB port, and the expansion card can be automatically activated by connecting to the corresponding interface.
Compatible with notebook power cord (with USB to Type-C head)

Brand: QianLi
Product name: Mai Insulate Power Supply DC Diagnosis Instrument
Product Size: 92*90*68mm
Packaging Size: 150.5*125.5*92mm
Measuring Range: 0-30V/0-2A
Net Weight: 320g

Package includes:
1 x LT1 Device
1 x Double Connectors Banana Cable
1 x Type-C PowerCable
1 x Boot Test Cable(optional)
1 x Bracket(optional)

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