Product Information

Product Name:          Automatic Laser Screen Machine

Model:                        TBK-958B

Operating Voltage:   110-220V

Product Power:         500W

Laser Power:             20W

Product Size :            290*570*598mm

Screen Size:              200*150mm

Packaging Size:        680*400*700mm

More Specifications:

Laser marking accurancy: less than 0.001mm
Laser speed: 10000mm/s
Repeated precision:less than 0.001mm
Marking depth: 0.015-0.5mm
Cooling method: built-in cold air
Laser wave length: 1064nm
Marking depth: 0.015-0.5mm
Dimensions location: 175mm*175mm
Width of the line: 0.05-0.1mm

Product Features:
1. Stable and durable, low consumption and high efficiency.
2. Built-in HD computer: One-button start, easy to operate
3. Professional positioning workbench: marking object maximum height 85mm, intelligent high precision engraving.
4. Imported auto focus sensor: Autofocus by pressing the focus button, built-in precision drawings.
5. Equipped with wireless keyboard and mouse: Complete, easy to operate, practical.