SW-8180 128 in 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Set Repair Toolkit With Storage Box

Product Features :-

  • Bamboo non-slip appearance, retro fashion. Touch skin friendly color, no fading, no scratches, uneven and comfortable hand feeling, a good choice for sending friends and elders.
  • Waterproof, rustproof, wear-resistant and durable.
  • Anti-corrosion surface treatment, high hardness, sturdy and durable.
  • Magnetic conductive bit, can easily hold small screws.
  • Two-tone plastic handle, non-slip texture.
  • Universal extension tube, metal border, anti-aging, more.
  • Pure cotton flannel bag, high quality and exquisite, a good choice for gifts.
  • Suitable for mobile phones, tablets, computers, watches, glasses, cameras, game consoles, chassis, circuits, etc.

Product Specification :-

  • Model :- SW-8180
  • Set Type :- Multifunction combination
  • Number of pieces included: 128 pieces
  • Material: Alloy
  • Rod head type: square head, Y type, cross, one word, plum type, hexagonal, star, rice
  • Area of ​​application: precision instruments
  • Function: combination, multi-purpose