SunShine SS-903A Fast Charging Battery Activation Board For iPhone 4G-11 Pro Max

Product Description :-

  • Support Apple 4G To 11Pro Max.
  • It can activate Apple’s built-in battery.
  • some batteries will be unable to charge when left for a long time, you need to use this product to activate it before charging.
  • connect the small board to the power supply,  and directly buckle the battery in the corresponding position   Click on the activation button.
  • To charge or activate the built-in battery, start by connecting the small board to a power supply. Afterward, attach the battery to the activation board for charging.
  • You don’t need to remove the battery for charging. Our intelligent charging system allows you to charge the battery without detaching it from the device.
  • This device is equipped with a user-friendly battery contact holder, making it easy to securely attach and use the battery.
  • Safety features include overload protection with automatic power cutoff. When connecting to the power supply, ensure that the power supply voltage does not exceed 4.8V to prevent potential damage to the battery.