Soldron Variable Wattage Micro-Soldering Station
  • is ideal for precision small jobs like SMT and micro-electronics.
  • Element shaft is only 2.5mm thick with an isolated element!
  • It can be set to high,medium or low with a continuously variable knob, and comes with a sponge tray with a sponge and a placing stand as standard.
  • Comes standard with an aluminium coated long life tip.
  • Very popular amongst mobile repairers /sculpture of wax casting. Continuous rated (24 hours) .

Features of Soldron Variable Micro-Soldering Station:

  • Includes Soldron Micro Soldering pen
  • Variable power
  • Includes built-in Soldering stand and sponge

Package Includes:

  • Soldering Station
  • Soldering Iron with Needle bit
  • Spring (can be used as stand for soldering iron)
  • sponge (for cleaning Soldering iron’s tip)


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