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ShortCam Thermal Imager PCB Fault Detection Camera

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Resolution: 160×120
Wavelength Range: 7.5~13.5um
Camera Angle: 61.8ºx49.5º

High-Quality Picture Pixels: 2 million
Visible Part of the Parameters: resolution 1920×1080
Display Mode: Visible / Infrared Thermography / Dual Optical Interlace positioning

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ShortCam Thermal Imager PCB Fault Detection Camera


● This infrared thermal imager can turn a thermal image into a visional image, find the malfunctioning part in no time.

● The thermal camera combines the functions of surface temperature and real-time thermal imaging.

● Detect the motherboard chip, resistor, and capacitor running temperature by the powerful PC intelligent analysis software and intelligent algorithm.

● Fast Locate the capacitance of microcurrent leakage, short-circuit position.

● Through the analysis of normal/abnormal motherboard comparison mode, quickly and accurately identify the problem chip, help phone fix technician.

● Troubleshooting motherboard greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of maintenance of the new generation of overhaul equipment.

● Detection host, lifting bracket with removable design, easy to assemble and carry.

● The visible lens can be disassembled and replaced with an electron microscope lens to act as an electronic microscope, a multi-purpose machine.

● The bracket can be adjusted by knot to reach the best observation distance.

● Visible light and infrared thermal imaging dual light lens and thermal imaging dual light fusion, showing different picture effects and a more delicate picture effect respectively.

● Tracking and alarming heat temperature function avoid any accidental situation to happen for your motherboard repairing work.

● The software intelligence recognition algorithm can display each chip’s temperature value.

● The software side can record each time maintenance motherboard photo data by taking pictures and videos.

Analyzer Details

● Connector Port & Display Functions

Display Models: Visible light/ Infrared thermal Dual-spectral fusion

Internet Port: RJ45

Images Saving Format: JPEG

Video Saving Format: MP4


● Physical Product Features

Frame Size: 18.1*18.0*17.0 cm

Installation: Available to Install/Uninstall


● Power Supply

Input Power Supply Voltage: DC 12V

Power Consumption: 2.2W, ≤3W


● Operating Environment

Storage Temperature Range: -20℃~60℃

Operating Temperature Range: 0℃~50℃

Humidity: Relative Humidity 95%


● Temperature Measurement Capacity

Temperature Measurement Function: Full-Scale Temperature Measurement

Temperature Measurement Distance: 12.5cm

Temperature Measurement Accuracy Degree: ±5℃ or ±5%

Temperature Measurement Range: 0℃ ~400℃


Fix Steps

1. Remove the short-circuit motherboard and measure the diode value with a multimeter.
2. Use the thermal imager to detect motherboard electric leakage and pinpoint its faulty parts.
3. Measure the capacitor around U5000 with a multimeter.

4. Remove the capacitor and replace it with a new replacement, then clean the bonding pad.
5. Recombine the motherboard after the faulty part has been fixed.
6. Install the motherboard into the cell phone and check, the image will show as healthy

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