• Preheat temperature:Fast switching 3 different temperature points
  • Meet different welding requirements of different products
  • Intelligent power:With the change in the size of solder joints and intelligent distribution of output power, the maximum power of 70W
  • Touch the instant hibernation function Automatic shutdown function, reduce the cost of supplies, saving energy
  • Automatically identify the design, when the handle and the host does not match the alarm prompt
  • ??Touch button shape beautiful, waterproof moisture, easy to operate, long life.
  • ??Sensor placed in the top of the heating core, speed heating, temperature control accuracy.
  • Fahrenheit / Celsius two standard temperature mode free switch.
  • With real-time monitoring of ESD grounding check function to ensure the safety of welding products electrostatic protection
  • password lock function, effectively protect the production process parameters are not free to modify.
  • more intimate security design, response to sudden power failure, without confirmation will not self-heating, to ensure safety.


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