Quick 203H Intelligent High Frequency SMD Hot Air Rework Soldering Station

Product Weight: 3.5kg
Superior Performance QUICK Series of Lead-Free Soldering
* Specially designed for lead-free soldering
* Temperature alarming rate
From room temperature to 300 no more than 20 seconds.
* Perfectly intelligent soldering
Sufficient power, and with the spot size of the change, and then can complete the perfect large spot welding, cold welding, etc. can effectively prevent the resulting connection is not safe.
* Extraordinary heat recovery skills
Magic temperature compensation speed can resolve conflicts lead-free soldering process temperatures generated, is lead-free solderincg tool, but also some specific welding under low temperature conditions essential tool.
* Extend tip life
Relatively lower soldering temperatures greatly extend the life of the tip.

Useful Features
1, automatic sleep mode to save power
When more than 20 minutes without using a soldering iron, the soldering station automatic cooling to 200, pick up the iron again when the temperature quickly rose to the original settings, can be extended tip life.
2, locks temperature
Stable welding temperature solder joint quality assurance. The soldering station can easily use a password to set the temperature, others can’t arbitrarily change the set temperature.
3, with the tip of the stove structure
Both the split design can completely replace the heating element with the tip along the unnecessary loss can be significant savings, reduce wear and tear.




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