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QianLi Apollo Interstellar ONE is a solution for Reading / Writing / Repairing Tool for iPhone

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QianLi Apollo Interstellar One

The QianLi Apollo Interstellar One is a multifunctional restore detection device that supports a wide range of functions to restore and modify iPhone models ranging from 5 to 11 Pro Max. This device is a must-have for phone repair technicians who need to accurately diagnose and repair issues with iPhone devices.

One of the primary functions of the QianLi Apollo Interstellar One is battery detection and modification. With this device, technicians can easily check the status of a phone’s battery and determine whether it needs to be replaced or recalibrated. They can also use the device to modify the battery’s parameters to ensure it is functioning optimally.

Another useful feature of this device is its ability to read and write chips. This functionality is especially useful when a phone’s logic board is damaged and needs to be replaced. Technicians can use the QianLi Apollo Interstellar One to read the chip data from the original logic board and then write it onto the new board, ensuring that the phone functions properly.

The QianLi Apollo Interstellar One also supports vibrator identification code read and write, which allows technicians to easily diagnose and repair issues related to the phone’s vibrator. In addition, the device supports touch sensor code and light sensor function restore, which makes it easy to troubleshoot and fix issues with these important components of the phone.

Finally, the device supports true tone restore, which is a feature that adjusts the color temperature of the display based on the ambient lighting conditions. This feature is especially useful for users who spend a lot of time looking at their phones in different lighting conditions.

In conclusion, the QianLi Apollo Interstellar One is an essential tool for anyone who repairs iPhones. Its multifunctional capabilities and support for a wide range of models make it a versatile and powerful device for accurately diagnosing and repairing issues with iPhones.

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