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OSS Team C115-K Soldering iron Tip for T115 Soldering Station

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Compatible iron :-

T115 and Universal Soldering Station

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OSS Team C115-K Soldering iron Tip for T115 Soldering Station

Product Description :-

  • T115 Series soldering tip, intergrated design of soldering iron tip and heating core, efficient heat conduction and temperature recovery.

Product Features :-

  • Unique heating system :- the unique wen teng heating system can make the powerful heat source concentrated output from the tiny welding head, zero loss of heat, and instantaneous energy transmission.


  • Low temperature welding :- Compared with the general soldering station’s high temperature setting at 450°C, The T115 series soldering iron tip can achieve efficient soldering as longas it is set at 370°C, which can greatly reduce solder joint oxidation and protect components.


  • Rapid Temperarure rise :- it takes 10 to 90 seconds for the traditional soldering station to rise from room temperature to 350°C, and the advanced T115 series soldering iron tip can reach 350°C in just 2 Seconds.


  • Efficient Welding :- The traditional soldering station is continuously to 5 solder joints, and the minimum loss temperature is 70°C and the completion time takes 16 seconds, while the advanced T115 Series soldering iron tip only takes 8 seconds, and the maximum loss temperature is only 30°C
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