Product Details:

  • Quick 2008D+ smd rework station Precise temperature control/auto sleep/intelligent working channel/intelligent digital display/automatic cold air design
  • Can be widely used in various chip-level repairs, PCB manufacturing, mobile phone motherboards, etc.
  • Support CH1/CH2/CH3 three-channel selection, click CH1/CH2/CH3 to select channel 1/channel 2/channel 3 respectively, long-press the channel button, you can store the current channel air volume and temperature value
  • Air gun sleep, cold air protection, longer heating core life, built-in brushless fan, soft rotating wind, uniform wind force, precise control
  • Magnetically controlled switch control, convenient real-time operation, put the handle on the handle rack and sleep immediately, with automatic sleep function, the parameters can be set in the sleep state
  • Short press the “+” or “-” button, the temperature will rise or drop by 1?, long-press the “+” or “-” button, the temperature will rise or drop rapidly
  • Turn the knob clockwise to increase the air volume, and vice versa, to decrease the air volume. A large-range adjustment knob can quickly increase or decrease the air volume.
  • Digital LCD Real-time display of temperature and air volume, which can be adjusted freely, which is more convenient
  • The front panel of the host is equipped with a switch design, so there is no need to cut off the power frequently, and it is more convenient to cut off the power
  • Strip heat dissipation grid design, with significant heat dissipation effect and better performance