Product Description


Mobile Phone Dryer Blast Oven for Mobile Phone Tablet Repairing

This mobile phone dryer with Blast and thermostatic controlling,circulating heating and heating evenly can help you separate screens, middle frames easily for mobile phones and tablets.

Mobile Dryer is designed for professional electronics and electronics repair and maintenance companies. Their main task is to preheat the bodies to allow easy separation as well as for heating electronic components such as SMD, BGA etc. before soldering. The heating allows the components to be dried so that they do not undergo any damage such as delamination, internal cracks, stagnation of the tin from the core, etc. The oven also reduces the temperature shock that results from soldering.

Product Specification

Voltage220 V
Model Number228
Body MaterialMild Steel
Frequency50 Hz
Dimensions56 x 734 x 37 cm
Minimum Order Quantity10