Mijing iRepair P13 Box BGA110/BGA70 PCIE NAND Programmer for iPhone 4-13 promax Hard Disk DFU Read Write Unpack WiFi

Feature :-

  • Support full range of ios devices’ NAND Disk, Boot code reflash, syscfg repair. wifi unlocked. More than 33 models including the ix ios device are Supported by irepair p13 box.
  • Purple screen mode
  • Enter to purple-screen Diagnostics Mode with just one key. Restore change. backup write for syscfg(system config)without dismantling the hard Disk NAND from the motherboard.
  • BGA60 /BGA70/ BGA110 Read / Write / Format
  • Boot code reprogram Support SYSCFG data modification & write, Unbind WIFI Brand-new NAND no need restoring device firmware, support to write the SYSCFG data directly