Microscope Ring Light With 56 Brightness Adjustable LED Bulb


  • Product Description
  • This is an intensity-adjustable 54-LED ring light. The ring light has 2.56″ (65mm) inside and 3.82″ (97mm)outside diameters, respectively. It works with wide band voltage power supplies from 100V-240V. The ring light provides even, intense and focused shadow-free illumination, It is an ideal durable light source for microscopes
  • Specifications
  • LED bulbs counts: 54 bright white LED bulbs
  • Input power: AV 100-240V(Allowed AC90-264V)
  • Output: DC: 24V(Max)
  • Power Consumption: 4.5W
  • Light intensity Adjustment: 0-100%
  • Working Distance: 60-180mm
  • Ring Diameter inside: MAX(65mm),MIN(58mm)
  • Outside diameter of ring light: 3.82 in (97mm)
  • Inside diameter of the ring light: 2.56 in (65mm)
  • Intensity over 35,00 lux (working distance in 65mm )


Product Features

  • Shadow free illumination :54-LED ring light providing shadow free illumination
  • Variable Intensity: Brightness is adjustable from 0% – 100%
  • Better fixed:It use metal non-slip nuts and screws for a more stable installation
  • Warranty: One year warranty on the product, so you don’t have to worry about product failure
  • Product size: 2.56″ (65mm) ID and 3.82″ (97mm) OD



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