Main characteristics:

1. With high brightness, two LED lamps can make magnifier clearer.
2. Handle adopts hand-hold shape that conforms to ergonomics design. Handle end part has round-shaped small holes arranged into butterfly shape, which is not only beautiful but also can increase frictional force, and can ensure comfortable hand feeling and the magnifier will not stip off one’s hand easily when holding the magnifier by hand.
3. The magnifier is small and exquisite and occupies little space due to unique triangular overlapping battery compartment design which makes the replacement of batteries more convenient. It is only needed to slightly press battery cover to open battery compartment. After the replacement of batteries is over, the battery cover can be locked when you press the cover slightly.
4. Switch pushing board: oval design with arc shaped notch conforms to finger shape. This design will not damage finger in time of use. Switch structure adopts elastic trip design to bring about relaxed ON/CFF feeling and ensure normal operation of product.
5. Application range: offices, hospitals, schools, instrument evaluation, printing, home living, machinery and so on.
6. This product has been patented by the State Patent Bureau. For any unauthorized reproduction, the responsible person shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.