20ml BGA IC glue epoxy remover.

Can help you soften & remove resinating / sealing glue of chip BGA IC of mobile phones easily.

Can quickly soften and loosen solidified resin adhesive such as epoxy, phenolics, acrylate, polyurethane, organosilicon etc.

It won’t do harm to your circuit board and components. Environment friendly and safe.

Doesn’t contain any Benzene Coderivative substances with cause leukaemia. Convenient to use

How to Use:

1. Pick an bigger size absorbent cotton than BGA IC with a tweezers and dip into the removing liquid. Then cover it evenly on BGA IC chip which in need of glue removing.

2. Place a plastic bag or film on the top and cover the PCB board.

3. Wait for about 20 minutes.

4. Redo step 1 to step 3.

5. To remove the softened sealing glue in the outside of BGA IC chip with a tweezers. Please pay attention to avoid damaging routes surrounding BGA and copper foil circuit around main board when removing the glue.

6. Heat up the chip with a air tool (300 deg.C). The glue in the bottom will get melt and soften by heat.

7. To remove the chip with a tweezers or cutter