Mechanic Power Pro 18 in 1 Power Supply DC Boot Cable For Android Series

Product Description :-

  • Mechanic Power Boot Cable For Android 1 To 18 Power Pro Android Boot Power Cable Banana Plug 1To18 Power Pro.

Product Features :-

  • Android series boot line–power pro1 drag 18
  • Innovative hook design
  • Supports many brands of Android Hongmeng models
  • More than 2000 models
  • Flexible FPC, thick copper wire core, low resistance

Applicable Models :-

  • Huawei/ Samsung/ Xiaomi/ Glory/ OPPO/ Vivo/ Meizu/ Redmi/ ZTE/ LG/ Mito/ LeTV/ Lenovo/ Hisense/ ACRE/ Nnbia/ Nokia/ OnePlus/ Jinli/ Cool/ Sony/ HTC/ Blackberry/ Philips/ Sharp Etc. Over 2000 Models.