Mechanic MR6 Max Multifunctional High Temperature Motherboard Repair Biaxial Fixture

Product Features :-

  • MR6 Max motherboard repair dual-axis clamps, V-slot structure clamps, and trapezoidal slot structure clamps, clamping the motherboard more closely and firmly.
  • The fixture can be fixed outside the motherboard and can also be fixed CPU / hard disk and other precision IC in addition to the glue.
  • Dual-axis spiral design, common cell phone motherboard/chip clamping, clamping firm and stable, not loose.
  • High-temperature synthetic stone, clamping the card part of high temperature, corrosion resistance, strong and durable.

Dual Axis Spiral Design :-

  • Double spiral shaft, double clamping slots, supporting motherboard and chip clamping.

New Structure Clamp :-

  • V-slot/ trapezoidal structure clamp, clamping the motherboard more tightly and firmly.

High Temperature Resistant Composites :-

  • The clamping area is made of high-temperature resistant synthetic stone, which is corrosion-resistant, anti-static, and sturdy and durable.