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Mechanic DSP15D5 DC Power Supply 15V 5A Digital Display Power Supply

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Mechanic DSP15D5 DC Power Supply 15V 5A Digital Display Power Supply

Product Description :-

  • Mechanic DPS series digital DC power supply for phone repair, 0-3A/5A current, 0-15V, DSP15D3 DSP15D5 5V USB output led display current, four high-precision current digital display 15V 3A 5A, it is convenient to change mobile phones /tablets and others devices.

Product Features :-

  • Boot with one click
  • Boot iPhone without battery
  • Adjustable voltage 0-15V
  • Maximum output current 3A / 5A
  • Pointer and digital display
  • Synchronous display output
  • 5V voltage lock
  • 5A & 3A / 1000mA current switch
  • USB output current display
  • Boot with one click
  • 5V voltage lock, adjust the voltage to 4.2V
  • Connect a tail plug boot cable, which can realize the battery-free boot of iPhone
  • Boot cable with tail plug (Configure by yourself)
  • Four high-precision current digital display
  • 0-3A current, 0-15V voltage, when testing current and voltage
  • Pointer and LED screen can display values ??synchronously to meet different needs

Product Specification :-

  • 5V USB output
  • LED display current
  • Convenient to charge mobile phones / tablets and other devices
  • Intelligent induction cooling fan
  • Intelligent temperature-sensitive fan (the higher the temperature, the greater the wind power)
  • Both sides of the panel have heat dissipation holes, built-in thermal conductivity aluminum sheet cooling temperature, double effective protection of internal components
  • Heat dissipation hole / heat dissipation aluminum sheet / heat dissipation fan
  • Short circuit alarm function : When the current exceeds the maximum current designed by the machine, the power supply is cut off and the buzzer alarms
  • PCB integrated double-sided motherboard : The overall patch is better than the plugin, Double-panel production with high stability of integrated motherboard
  • High-power pure copper transformer: The internal transformer uses pure copper. Full power anti-burning machine
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