MaAnt T1 Steel Universal PCB Fixture

The Maant T1 Universal PCB Fixture is a powerful tool designed for electronic circuit board assembly and repair. It boasts dual axises and three card positions, which allows for dual motherboard fixation at the same time. The fixture also supports full size chip fixation, making it ideal for use in various applications, including surface mount technology (SMT) and through-hole technology (THT).

One of the most notable features of the Maant T1 Universal PCB Fixture is its high temperature resistant synthetic stone plywood, which provides reliable and stable clamping of the circuit board during soldering or other assembly operations. This material can withstand high temperatures without deforming, ensuring that the circuit board remains securely clamped throughout the assembly process.

Another advantage of the Maant T1 is its fast heat dissipation capabilities. This feature prevents heat from building up on the circuit board during the soldering process, which can damage sensitive components or cause the board to warp. The fast heat dissipation also ensures that the board is not subjected to prolonged heat exposure, which can lead to solder joint failure or other issues.

The Maant T1 Universal PCB Fixture is designed for ease of use and versatility. It is capable of accommodating a wide range of circuit board sizes and shapes, making it suitable for use in a variety of electronic manufacturing applications. The fixture is also compatible with various soldering methods, including reflow and hand-soldering.

Overall, the Maant T1 Universal PCB Fixture is a valuable tool for any electronics manufacturer or repair technician. Its high temperature resistant synthetic stone plywood, fast heat dissipation, and stable clamping features make it an ideal choice for circuit board assembly and repair tasks. Its versatility and ease of use make it a valuable addition to any electronics workshop.


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