• Equipment application:  Suitable for capacitive touch screen Cover plate (Cover Lens) and functional Glass Sensor (Glass) of OCA laminating process; Apply to the Touch screen (Touch Panel) and liquid crystal module (LCD Panel) of the OCA laminating process, at the same time can also be applied to other areas of membrane, glass to glass (glass) of hard in hard OCA laminating process.


  • Characteristics of the equipment:
    No mold, no bubble;
    Equipment imported from Japan SMC pneumatic components
    A key to start, easy to operate;
    Japan thermostat, the temperature can be accurate to ± 1 ° C
    Japanese precision pressure regulator, pressure ± 0.001Mpa
    Flat lamination way, the overall lamination, smooth uniform pressure, no stress concentration, no color pattern after lamination, no indentation, LCD chaos color, smaller convenient transportation.


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