Kaisi TX-350S 7X-50X Trinocular Stereo Microscope For Mobile Phone Repair

Product Video Tutorial :-

Product Features :-

  • Large size design for the convenience of observing various samples, the bottom plate design of the TX microscope model E adopts a large size design with a size of 260x380mm. It can accommodate more samples and improve the user’s observation experience.
  • Reinforcement ribs are designed to improve the load bearing capacity and stability of the microscope base plate, and the structure of the base plate uses reinforcement ribs. Effectively improve the strength and load-bearing capacity of the base plate, prevent deformation and cracking during use, and improve the service life of the microscope base plate. 
  • Non-slip base pad design to ensure user safety. A non-slip pad is attached to the bottom of the microscope base plate. These mats are made of non-slip material, which can effectively prevent the microscope base plate from sliding during use and ensure safety during use. 
  • 3 sets of mounting holes for the convenience of different user needs. Three sets of mounting holes were set on the microscope base plate to attach and secure the mirror body and components. The same user can select the mounting holes according to the actual situation and operate easily.