Kaisi TX-350E 7-50X Continuous Zoom Microscope For Mobile Phone Repairing

Product Video Tutorial :-

Product Features :-

  • The KAISI TX-350E 7-50X Continuous Zoom Microscope offers flexibility for users with its three mounting holes for attaching components and the body. Easily adjust the microscope’s configuration to your needs without needing to take apart the device. With an extensive zoom range of 7-50X, get precise and detailed observation results with ease.
  • The KAISI TX-350E 7-50X Continuous Zoom Microscope is equipped with anti-slip mats at the bottom of the microscope base to ensure users’ safety. Crafted from non-slip materials, these mats effectively prevent the microscope base from sliding during use, ensuring a safe experience.
  • The KAISI TX-50E microscope has been designed with reinforced ribs to improve the load capacity and stability of the base plate. This enhances the strength and load capacity of the plate to reduce deformation and cracking, extending the longevity of the microscope.