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JZQ-599B Soldering Iron Bit Head Tin Cleaning Ball

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Model Number: JZO 599B
Product name: Solder Iron Tip Cleaner
Usage: for soldering tip cleaner
Color: black or gold
Material: stainless steel

Original price was: ₹195.80.Current price is: ₹154.96.

Feature :
1.Used for eliminating the temperature variation of soldering tip.
2.High quality brass and heavy-duty stainless steel base.
3. JZO 599B soldering iron tip clean ball to remove oxides of effects of non-cleaning sponge.
4. This new product our company developed is to reduse the lowering of temperature of tip when cleaned . This cleaner don’t need water when working . Can avoid splashing of residue and clear away the residual flux completely.


Usage :
1. Put the tip into the metal wire of the cleaner in order to clear away the residual solder.
2.Don’t take out the metal wire to sweep the tip, scince it is springy ,will possibly splash the melted residual solder .pLease use carefully.
3.Please wear your gloves when exchange the metal wire. Be careful not to break the solder on .Please put the cleaner uprightly when open it

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