JCID V1S Pro Programmer Only Compatible with Old Modules of PRO1000S / V1SE for iPhone Screen True Tone Face ID Battery Repair

Product Features :-

  • Far ahead with the upgrade performance, two-in-one design, and more amazing experience will exceed your expectations
  • Leading NAND flash technology: “Zero” fault on the read & write and code checking, swift operation
  • Compatible with both adaptors and test modules owns the functions of V1S and PRO1000S, more powerful
  • A deeply integrated solution, whether it is BGA110 or BGA315, all functions can be realized by replacing a NAND flash holder
  • No need for a computer, networking through WiFi to do NAND SYSCFG R&W, code checking, accessories unbinding, and so on
  • Wifi Bluetooth OTA upgrade, 5 G dual-mode!
  • Worried about insufficient memory? TF card without capacity limitation
  • More powerful than a computer, support functions including mobile restore and inspect, mobile purple screen without disassembling, jailbreak, mobile faults detection, etc
  • Is there a particularly strong function now? Here it comes! 12-13 rear camera read-write module, one key unbind, replace the large camera at will, no pop-up window! It also supports screen display and touch tests of iPhone and Android full series
  • “Dual” operation of standalone touch screen and computer online
  • Connect to mobile phone to achieve the “dual” functions of detection and R&W
  • “Dual” support of four iPhone NAND flashes read write and unbind
  • “Dual” guarantee, support TF card expansion, unlimited capacity
  • “Dual” combination of mobile connection + module operation
  • “Dual” upgrade of WiFi networking OTA+connect to JCID Repair
  • Compatible with old modules of PRO1000S and V1SE, with unlimited possibilities for function expansion, JCID redefines the programmer

JCID V1S Pro Functions :-

  • For iPhone 6-14 Pro Max BGA315 BGA110 BGA70 BGA60(32/64bit) NAND memory chip read and write formatting
  • DFU purple screen without disassembly for iPhone 6-X iPad iPod
  • Unbinding WiFi without restoring
  • Modify the syscfg data
  • Read and write iPhone screen information, one-click repair iPhone true tone
  • Read and write iPhone battery information and fix it with one click, calibrate battery health data, and solve battery pop-up problems
  • Read and write the iPhone fingerprint serial number and fix it with one click
  • Read and write iPhone dot projector data, and fix iPhone Face ID issues
  • More modules and features will be released in the future