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JCID Q1 Battery Health Quick Repair Board For 11-15PM Series Battery Health Data Cycle Modify No Need FPC Window

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JCID Q1 Battery Health Quick Repair Board For 11-15PM Series Battery Health Data Cycle Modify No Need FPC Window

Product Description :-

  • JCID Q1 Battery Health Quick Repair Board for iPhone 11-15 PM is a new solution to repair  “Unknown Parts” pop-up issue caused by non-genuine battery and reset the Phone battery health data or cycle. It support offline operation and no need for additional soldering. With a reasonable layout and stable connections, it ensures reliable performance. The device supports remote upgrades and features a multi-button design for quick and easy operation. JCID Q1 is designed for professional iPhone repair technicians, save time and energy. 

Product Features :-

  • JCID Q1 battery health quick repair board, no need for battery repair FPC or connection to other instruments, it can be operated stand-alone
  • No manual soldering is required, no need for additional soldering, and it is usable after buckling the battery, saving time and energy
  • Strong compatibility, achieve connection by standard packaged
  • battery FPC or common power cords
  • Reasonable layout, interference-free connection, more stable, operates on the flat, it will not cause poor contact due to poor battery placement
  • A complete and independent device, no additional DIY is required, and everyone can use it directly the moment they get it
  • Come with an operation guide on the board, convenient for users to view at any time

Product Usage :-

  • Snap the battery(with the original battery plate)to the battery holder
  • Snap the other end of the USB power cable (or use JCID FPC) to the phone motherboard
  • Modify battery data and confirm
  • Switch the phone (please use the tail plug of the phone to charge and switch on the phone), the first time you switch on the phone without battery data
  • After the battery pop-up window appears, carry out the second switch-on, and the modified data can be displayed normally
  • Remove the battery and put it back into the mobile phone

List of Package :-

1 x Battery Health Quick Repair Board

1 x iPhone 11/SE2 FPC, 11PM FPC, 11P FPC, 12/12P/12mini FPC, 12PM FPC, 13mini/13 FPC, 13P/13PM/14P/14PM FPC, 14/14Plus FPC, 15/15Plus FPC, 15P/15PM FPC, SE3 FPC


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