The JCID V1SE WiFi programmer is a high-capacity mobile phone code reading and writing device. It is designed to be compatible with 3 different adaptors, including a display,touch & vibration adaptor, 6-14PM battery adaptor, X-14PM face id repair adaptor. This programmer is available in two versions: V1SE and V1SE WiFi. It offers a unique solution for repairing mobile phones by directly connecting them via a USB cable. With its larger storage capacity, it supports the expansion of more functions.

  • The true tone/vibration adaptor (7-11PM) enables screen data read and write and true tone repair for iPhone 7-11PM models. It supports vibration reading and writing for iPhone 7/7P/8/8P/X/XR.
  • The battery adaptor (6-14PM) supports data modification for iPhone 6-14PM batteries. It can identify original batteries, provide independent power supply, and supports battery activation as well as single battery board reading and writing. It includes a type C expansion interface for additional battery reading and writing.
  • The X-14PM adaptor supports face ID activation, reading, and writing for iPhone models X-14PM and iPad A12X. It allows for one-key activation of face ID without dismantling and eliminates the need for short-circuiting the MOSFET.