The collet Includeo with your tool is 1.6min(1/16″),It will it all EagletUSA rotary tool accessones.If you purchase accessorles of other brand names.Please make sure that you use the collet which matches the shank size of the accessory you plan to use.Other collet sizes are available as optional accessones available at you lacal dealers.


1. Ensure accessory Is securely at tached to tlhe collet before plugging the power cord.

2. Grip tool Brmly and rotate power switch to the ON position.

3. Adjust speed using the speed adjustment dlal located at the real of the tool.

4. to select the right speed for each job,use a practice plece of material. Vary speed to find the Dest speed for the aecessory vou are using and the job to be done.


For the majonty of applications the rofary tool should be used at top speed.

High Speed ​​Uses: higher speeds are better for carving.cutting routing snaping.cutting dadoes or rabbcts in wood.Hardwoods, metals and glass requler high speed opera tion and drilling should also be done at high speeds.

WARNING!Do not une grinding wheels over 1″ in diameter, The tool’s high speed can cause larger wheels to apart and could cause Injury.

CAUTION:To protect your eyes,always wear an approved type of safety giasses when operating the tool.

Certain materlal (some plastics,for example)require a relatively slow speed because at relatively slow speed because at high speed the friction of the tool generates heat and causcd the plasticto melt.Slow speeds usually arebest for polishing accessories. They may also be best for working on delicate projects as “eggery” work,delicate wood carving and fragile model parts.

NOTE:Incorning vottuge affects greatly on the speed of the tool.Speed ​​will drops correspondingly to a decreased voitage,if your tool appears to be running slowly ,simply increase the speed seiting accordingly


To maintain peak eficlency of the motor examine brushes cvery two to six months or more frequently if tool is used continuously.Always unplug the power c order before checking the carbon brushes.

WARNING Do not allow brake-fluids, gasoline,petroleurn based products penetrating olls,etc.come in contact with plastic parts.They contain chemicals that can damage,weaken or destroy the housing,thus compromising the in moving parts,

Avoid accidental starting,Be integrity of the double insulation Inspecting the mounting screws regularly inspect all mounting screws and ensure that they are properly tightened should any of the screws be Iloose,tighten them immediately failure to do so could result in serious injuries.

Maintenance of the motor ,the motor unit winding is the very “heart”of the power tool exercise duc care to ensure the winding does not become damaged and/or wet with oil or water.

Clearing debrls inside the tool, The tool may be cleaned most effectively with compressed dry air always wear safety goggles when cleaning tools with compressde air.



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