DS-809SE is an upgraded version of DS-809S

1. The method of use is simpler and the speed of reading data is faster.

2. Added four sets of stable voltages. The function of the four sets of voltages is to provide a stable power supply to the motherboard BIOS chip, making it easier for the device to read the information of the BIOS chip.
3. The input voltage display screen of the probe has been added to make it easier for users to see the input voltage of the probe to the BIOS
4. Added BIOS chip holder, more method to read the BIOS chip of IMAC machine and read and write BIOS chip data for computers of various brands
5. The SAM connector uses a four-layer mini motherboard, which is more convenient to connect to various motherboards
6. SAM cable adopts direct cable, which is more convenient for users to connect to the device
6. Support more BIOS chip models and more stable performance.


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