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DIZITAL MULTIMETER DT 830D Multitester With Lcd Display

Simple and easy, suitable for beginners

With double fuse, safe and reliable


  • 7 functions and 19 ranges
  • Covers AC/DC voltage, resistance, DC amps, battery, diode & transistor
  • Two 575mm test leads
  • Diode & fuse protected
  • Super sensitive meter

General description

LCD size: 49x16mm

Max display: 1999

Diode test: yes

Transistor test: yes

Continuity buzzer test: Yes (Other Low price product DT830B is without buzzer function)

Safey ensure:Overload protection function(Other Low price product without this function)

Square wave output: yes

Power supply: one 9V 6F22 battery

Product size: 125x70x29mm

Product weight:about 128g

Standard accessories: meter, test lead, multi-function socket, manual, (Without Battery)


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NOTE: We don't guide you on how to use it make sure you know how to use it before buying it, however, you can still find solution or help from the official site

Digital Multimeter DT830D

DT-830D Compact meter checks continuity of wires, fuses and electrical system components. Performs measurements of volts, amps, ohms and transistor gain (hFE). Can be used to test diodes. Low impedance meter can be used on automotive computer circuits. Rotary switch. Overload protection. Removable leads. 9 volt battery powered.


  • An ideal tool for the laboratory, factory, radio enthusiasts and mechanics.
  • Accurate frequency measurement, RMS measurement and other parameters.
  • Portable-Fully-Automatic-Multimeter-Electrician-Maintenance-Measuring-Instrument

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DIZITAL MULTIMETER DT 830D Multitester With Lcd Display
DIZITAL MULTIMETER DT 830D Multitester With Lcd Display


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