CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Working Area 4×4 100W & CW3000 CO2 Chillar With 2Year Warranty

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    Mobile Screen Guard Nano Laser Cutting Machine 

    • 2 Year Warranty
    • To Fit Screen Size:All Size Screen
    • Item:Mobile Screen Protector Cutting Machine
    • Parcel:Software+Laser Cutting Machine
    • Marking Engraving on :- MDF, PET wood, Acrylic, leather, Wallet,Wedding card, Vehicle(Bike,Cars) Number Plate,  Plastic, Keychain, Stamp, pvc, un-metal stuff.
    • Also can cut mobile screen protector,back protector, wedding card,Ladies/Gents’s Slipper etc.

WORKING AREA: 1219.2 MM x 1219.2 MM

1. Adjustable speed and power, smooth and precise Engraving, and cutting

2. USB Interface, U-Flash Disk Supported, can work With or without a PC.

3. Air Assist, Remove heat and combustible gases from the cutting surface.

4. Intuitive Control Panel, Set Speed, Power and more Controls directly from laser.

5. Water Cooling system

6. Laser Position Function

7.100W A+ high-quality laser tube with QR code to check Laser tube Originality

8. Built the heat-dispersed fan to reduce all electronic component’s temperature

14000+Designs Lifetime Free and 50/60 new Model updates Daily.

10. Support multiple graphics formats including BMP/JPG/JPEG PLT/CDR.

11. Latest Version with lift system/up and down Function

12. Free training available with machine