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CA-09D 3D Thermal Imaging Analyzer 256X192 for PCB Short Circuit Leakage Detection PC Phone Repair 30mm Micro Lens Thermal Camera Imager

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CA-09D 3D Thermal Imaging Analyzer 256X192 for PCB Short Circuit Leakage Detection PC Phone Repair 30mm Micro Lens Thermal Camera Imager

Software Download Link :-

Product Description :-

  • The PCBA infrared thermal imaging analysis system is a system that can operate on the computer system for analyzing issues of the circuit board, the software can collect on-line detection data, and then, it can judge short-circuit point, leakage element of the circuit board, and judge whether the circuit board’s structure is reasonable, so that the equipment can be assessed.

Product Features :-

  • Fast Current Leakage Inspection, Short Circuit Identification, Complex Bugs Rule Out: Quickly locate high-temperature areas, abnormally high-temperature components color palette and adjustment stability range, short circuit positioning.
  • Intuitive 3D Imaging: Supports viewing circuit boards in 3D mode, which is more intuitive for small current changes. 3. The three-dimensional thermal field distribution intuitively displays temperature changes, suitable for industry, electronics and other industries.
  • Rectangular Analysis Mode: Supports detailed comparison and detailed inspection of image color changes in different areas, and can display the temperature curve within the frame to facilitate viewing of temperature history data.
  • Double-board Comparison Mode: Supports comparison of good and bad boards, places items that need to be observed and compared on both sides of the dividing line, and performs comparison and analysis under the same conditions to quickly locate faulty circuit boards.
  • Optional High-Definition 30mm Macro Lens: Support enlarge local details of object, easily detect abnormal areas on the circuit board, and quickly troubleshoot problems.
  • Adjustable Stand: High-quality metal stand with high-temperature resistant workbench, easy to install, flexibly adjustable and rotating, and the measuring distance can be fine-tuned.

Product Specification :-

  • Model: CA-09D
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Infrared Resolution: 256 * 192 pixel
  • Refresh Rate: 25Hz
  • FOV: 56° x 42°
  • Temperature: 95% relative humidity
  • Measurement Distance: 30mm-150mm
  • Interface: USB Type-C
  • Input Voltage: DC 5V
  • Storage Format of the Pictures: JPG
  • Storage Format of the Video: MP4
  • Measurement Range: -20℃~150℃ / -4℉~302℉
  • Storage Temperature: -20℃~60℃
  • Working Temperature: 0℃~50℃
  • The Humidity: 95% relative humidity


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