Interface A is the preheating station, interface B is the soldering iron interface.

The interface of the preheating station and the soldering station cannot be reversed, or the effect is not achieved. The iron handle is 9501 handle.

It is designed with silver plated shrapnel. The thread is made of aluminum alloy inlay.

The front end of the silicone is thicker. X/XS/XS MAX 2-in-1 preheating station.

Designed with synthetic stone and anti-scalding silicone.


Model Number: ST92

Size :125 x 90 x 38mm

Application 1: for iPhoneXS/XSMAX preheating station Application 2: T12 soldering station

Package Included:

1 x ST92 Host

1 x 9501 Handle

1 x 2 in 1 Preheating Station

1 x Soldering Iron Stand



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