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BABA S-350 Mini Fume Extractor/ Smoke Absorber

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BABA S350 Mini Smoke Absorber / Fume Extractor

Features :-

  1. Double Filtration: This fume extractor is fitted with activated carbon filters to provide better adsorption, further reducing the toxic content inside the fume.
  2. The smoke extractor effectively extracts and purifies the fumes generated from soldering, wood burning, stained glass making, and more, which ensures a safe work environment, protecting you from harmful fumes.
  3. The 9mm thick high quality activated carbon filter can effectively filter the harmful particles and odor from the fume.
  4. The fume directing fender design redirects the fume to the extraction fan, amplifying the effective fume extraction area. Recommended effective distance: 10cm from the fume extractor (effective distance measured directly from the front).
  5. Compact Size: While retaining the functionality, size, and look of the fume extractor, You can reap the benefit of using both tools together, while saving precious desk space. The S-305 fume extractor and high-performance, compact size of a fume extractor, satisfying the requirement for fume extraction, filtering.
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