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BABA 958 LCD Touch Separator With 3Pcs Cutting Wire 603 604 605 Free

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BABA 958 LCD Touch Separator With 3Pcs Cutting Wire 603 604 605 Free

Product Description :-

  • The LCD Touch Separator represents the pinnacle of technology in the realm of electronics repair and refurbishment. It is engineered with precision and efficiency in mind, catering to professionals and enthusiasts alike who seek to restore and rejuvenate electronic devices with ease and accuracy.

Product Features :-

  • Precision Heating: The separator employs advanced heating technology to gently and evenly heat the adhesive that bonds the LCD screen to the touchscreen. This ensures a controlled separation process without causing damage to the delicate components.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control: Equipped with adjustable temperature settings, the LCD Touch Separator allows users to tailor the heat level according to the specific requirements of different devices, ensuring optimal results while safeguarding against overheating.
  • Touchscreen Compatibility: Designed to accommodate a wide range of touchscreen sizes, the separator boasts a versatile platform capable of accommodating various device models, from smartphones to tablets.
  • Efficient Separation: With its ergonomic design and user-friendly interface, the separator streamlines the process of separating LCD screens from touchscreens, significantly reducing the time and effort required for repairs and refurbishments.
  • Safety Features: Built-in safety mechanisms, such as overheating protection and automatic shutoff, prioritize user safety and prevent potential hazards during operation.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, the LCD Touch Separator is built to withstand continuous use in demanding repair environments, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Product Specification :-

  • Product name: LCD Screen Separator Machine
  • Model : BABA 958
  • Color: Blue
  • Function: LCD Screen Separator
  • Weight: 2.2KG
  • Size: 170*280*120MM
  • Plate size: screen under 7inch below
  • Voltage: 220V / 110V


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