BABA 958 LCD Screen Touch Separator With Free 3Pcs Cutting Wire 603 604 605


1. Using the PID programmable temperature control technology and implantation   of the most high-end precision PID program.

2. Heating plate is Smooth, Aluminum surface temperature uniformity.

3. Inside with Vacuum pump , strong suction and small noise , long life.

4. Functions

A. Celsius / Fahrenheit temperature display

To satisfy different market demand , you can work it with your choice.

B. The temperature correction feature

Aluminum surface is large, when working temperature change, the machine temperature will be some change, we can correct the temperature use this function .Range: -50°C ̴ 50°C

5. It adopt SMT double sided circuit board , this improves stability and safety a lot . Can adapt to harsh environments.


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