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BABA 936 – Micro Soldering Iron Station



  • Temperafure Rises Rapidly – Porcelain Heating Element. It Uses 1231 High Quality Heating Core. The Iron Uses Silicone-Line, And Won’T Be Oxidized In Cold Temperature
  • Variable Controlled Temperature – Can Be Adjusted From 200 Degree Celsius – 480 Degree Celsius.
  • Power: Input Voltage: AC 110V / 220V | Output Voltage: DC 24V | Output Power: 65W
  • Soldering Iron Is Light Weight, So It Is Very Easy To Use



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  • Power: Input voltage: AC 110V / 220V | Output Voltage: DC 24V | Output power: 65W
  • Temperature: 200 degree Celsius – 480 degree Celsius. It has marking in both Fahrenheit & centigrade degree
  • Heating element: porcelain heating element
  • Characteristic: Anti-static, temperature rises rapidly
  • Separation design, saving space and easy placement
  • The iron uses silicone-line, and won’t be oxidized in cold temperature.
  • It comes with a special 5 pin connector which ensures perfect connection, between station and iron and avoid burn out them.
  • Uses high quality heating core, long life-time
  • soldering iron is light weight, so it is very easy to use

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