Baba 1505dp with 5V USB 15V 5A dc power supply regulated DC power supply


1.High precision and good technique to protect the product Safety and reliability.
We are using advanced SAMSUNG IC according control software to shows. And in order to protect the product Safety and reliability, in software we make the Limit in the shows.

2.Good transformer
Our transformer are using good conductor and high efficient magnetic core.So we no need make bigger ,but can satisfied the DC power supply.

These are 220V units you may need a transformer to use the machine in your country. we also do accept special orders for 110V?? / 230V/240V

(some of factory transformer material less efficient that can not load, so they make bigger. that cause the weight heavy and high calorific value, so their transformer can not compete us.)

(Some of factory products in order to save the cost are using Analog Circuitry to do,so their precision Safety and reliability can not compete us.)


उत्पाद के लंबे समय तक उपयोग के लिए! 

कृपया इस उत्पाद को इनवर्टर और जनरेटर पर उपयोग न करें।


  • ??5V USB D&R by Laboratory/Testing and debugging production line/
    School/Mobile repair market. output voltage 0-15V and 0-5V adjustable,
    Max overload is 3A(enough 3A), USB data interface and flashing interface design.
    Have overload protect/short circuit protect/Buzzer alarm/Automatic recovery
    and so on function.Voltage stability/ full power is?? good helper for your test and repair!
    Output voltage 0-15V?? 0-5V
    Current 0-5A
    USB interface 5V output directly
    can be connect computer and programmer and so on.
    To mobile phone power supply and data transmission
    can be test GSM mobile phone signal.
    Output voltage double mode
  • Mode 1
    output voltage 0-15V (adjustable)
    Current range 0-3A?? (full 5A)
    suitable 0~15V/0~3A machine power offer and charging.
  • Mode 2
    output voltage0-5V (adjustable)
    Current range 0-5A?? (full 5A)
    suitable 0~5V/0~3A machine power offer and charging,especially to mobile phone
    power offer and charging.
    Output voltage stability
  • 5V Voltage limit the effective protect moblie phone no damage by over load voltage.

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