ARF 800 Air Purifier For OCA Laminating machine

  • AFR2000 air filter regulator, adjust The main channel of air pressure to a pressure value what the control device required after filtration through decompression.
  • No matter the size of the inlet pressure and flow fluctuations, always maintain a stable outlet pressure
  • Light weight, small size, easy installation and maintenance
  • Can filter small particles, keep the air clean
  • Application:air compressors, pneumatic tools and other gas connection installation, effectively filter the air moisture.


  • Model: AFR2000 (AFR is the model, 2000 refers to the port size)
  • Material: body (aluminum die-casting products), Yung cup (polycarbonate)
  • Fluid: Air
  • Port size: G1 / 4
  • Filtration precision: 5?m
  • Operating pressure range: 0 ~ 1.0MPa (manual drain: 0-9.5kgf / cm2, differential pressure discharge: 1.5-9.5kgf / cm2)
  • Temperature: 5 ~ 60 °
  • Gauge caliber: G1 / 8
  • Treatment cup capacity: 15CM3
  • Length: appox 15cm

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