3Pcs Wire Brush Set For Mobile Repairing Cleaning Brush (Nylon/ Brass/ Stainless Steel)

Product Features :-

  • Offset finger-grips allow precise controlled use.
  • Stainless steel brush for Paint & Rust removal.
  • Brass brush for Dirt & Grime Removal.
  • Nylon brush for Interior & Exterior Auto Detailing.
  • Comfort grip handle with hanging hole.

3Pcs includes :-

  • Nylon Brush  :- Great for Dashboards, Upholstery, & Delicate Materials
  • Brass Brush   :- Great for Solder Points
  • Steel Brush    :-  for Removing Rust

3Pcs Mini Wire Brush :-

  • Nylon Brush: Easy on finished surfaces making them ideal for sweeping away dirt and debris from around interior door panels, trim pieces, dashboards.
  • Brass Brush: Clean unfinished metal parts like screw threads, connection terminals, and cutting tools without damaging surfaces or fine features.
  • Stainless Steel Brush: Good for cleaning and removing loose paint, scale and rust from metal parts and heavy-duty scrubbing.