2uFix Special Blade For Mobile Phone Repair

Independent pull-out stainless steel storage box, exquisite and compact, easy to store, and easy to use
Double-sided uniform trimming, utility model patented technology
The blade is from thin to thick, and the force is more uniform
It is suitable for removing glue from the screen, and removing the CPU, screen IC, mobile phone motherboard, small parts such as separators, chips, etc
Upgraded to a more practical bent-blade design, by bending the blade, the loss to the motherboard, chip, screen, etc is realized and reduced, thereby improving the yield
Nano-coating is anti-rust, the blade body is flexible, thin, and elastic, the thickness of the blade tip is equal to 0.06mm, and the thickness of the blade tail is about 0.3mm

Package includes:
7 x Blades


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