220V 800W LED Microcomputer Electric Hot Plate Preheat Soldering Preheating Station Welder Hot Plate Rework Heater Lab 200X200mm Plate XG-2020Product Details

Three-dimensional cooling hole design: multi-angle cooling design for better cooling effect
High quality aluminum plate as the heater: multi-tube technology efficient heating tube ensures good heat transfer effect
This item can be used to divide, repair cell phone screen, LED display, Component work, SMD reengineering work, PCB removing, soldering work
Welding and maintenance of aluminum substrate in LED industry; Preheating of mold core in abrasive factory; Constant temperature heating for sealing, dispensing in electronic industry ; Baking, drying and other temperature test of constant temperature heating samples in various industries; Essential tools for laboratory, analysis room and teaching research
The constant temperature heating platform adopts high-performance CPU to control temperature, it has accurate temperature control and strong practicabilit