12.9 M-Triangle M1 Pro Max Bubble Remover Machine Built in Pump Max14 inches Display Screen OCA Bubble Remover

Product Description :-

New M-Triangel M1 Pro Max 14 inch Bubble Remover Machine with air compressor
The upgraded version of M1 pro has a built-in small air compressor, which can work independently, and can also complete the LCD defoaming work without an external air compressor. It has excellent performance, supports devices up to 7 inches, and can complete the defoaming work in 30 seconds
Product Features

– Built-in small air compressor

– Works for touch mobile phone with 7inches

– Bubble remove 30 seconds, with stents in 60 seconds

– High Efficiency, Stable Performance

Equipment power supply AC220V/ AC110V
Working environment       30-35 ℃, clean
Efficiency                             no stent for 30 seconds per piece, with stents 60 seconds

per piece constant temperature of board
Applicable size                    ≤7 ” of all LCD models