0.5x Lens For Trinocular & Bynocular Microscope

A 0.5x lens is an accessory that can be attached to a trinocular or binocular microscope to provide a wider field of view and lower magnification. This type of lens is useful for observing larger specimens or samples that require a wider view. The 0.5x lens is compatible with various microscope brands, including Mechanic, Relife, RF4, and Baba. It is easy to install and use, and can be a valuable addition to any microscope setup. With the 0.5x lens, users can enjoy a more versatile and efficient microscopy experience.

0.5X is a condensing glass with a working distance of 165mm.

Increase the working distance, reduce the multiple, the multiple after use is *0.5

  • Auxiliary stereoscopic microscope objective lens is the function extension for a stered microscope,
  • The microscope magnification increased to meet the need of users, or smaller magnification,
  • Increase the working distance, generic connection thread M48x0. 75,
  • Spin directly to a stered microscope head bottom thread can be used on the mouth,
  • The secondary objective bottom for card slot can connect ring ring lamp lights.
  • There are also interfaces for m42x0.75 and m50x0.75.