0.3ML Conductive Adhesive Glue Silver for PCB Rubber Repair Conduction Paint Connectors Board Paste Wire Electrically


  • Pure Silver
  • Low Resistance
  • Quick-Drying
  • High Concentration
  • Capacity : 0.3ml
  • Length : Approx. 12.5 Cm
  • Colour : Silver White

How To Use :-

  • Apply The Silver Glue / Paste In The Place You Want.
  • Low-temperature curing

Product Features :-

  • Conductive silver paste is a heating cured silver conductive paste specially designed for mobile phones and other circuit boards. this conductive adhesive has a good conductivity, thermal conductivity, adhesive, and low-temperature curing. store in a cool indoor place at <23°C.

Product Warning :-

  • The unused conductive  silver paste should be tightly covered and stored in a cool indoor place at <23°C Before use, it should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. it must be removed in advance and restored to room temperature before reuse.
  • avoid contace with broken skin and eyes. once in contact, immediately wash with soap and warm water.
  • The appropriate concentration of the silver paste has been prepared, and theres is no need to add a diluent. if necessary, it is recommended to use our company’s dedicated diluent. after baking, if the conductivity is low or the adhesive is poor, it is likely that the baking temperature and drying time are not enough, and if the silve paste is not thor thoroughly dried, it will affect the conductivity such as squre positive requirements of technical indicators