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Baba Cable & Tools

We are providing professional mobile repairing tools since 2007 in Delhi at an affordable price.

Co-founder & CEO of ( Baba Cable & Tools)


What we do

100% Satisfaction

We provide various tools and machines for mobile repairing services here at baba cable and tools.

Our Products:

    • OCA Laminating Machine
    • Mobile Repairing Tools
    • BGA Stencils
    • Power Supply
    • iPhone& iWatch Tools
    • Mobile Touch & Glasses
    • Mobile IC & Glass
    • SMD Rework Station
    • Touch Separator
    • Microscopes

Addon Services

  • Onsite Mobile Repair Services
  • iPhone & iWatch Repair Services
  • iPhone Repair Training at Delhi &Hyderabad
  • CPU Level Training
  • EMMC Training

Advanced Course

Our Advance Course will enhance your mobile repairing skills. The best part of this course is that you need ONLY 17 DAYS, where we teach through practicals which helps students to gain thorough knowledge.

Advanced Training

This course will change your life because in this you don’t need 2,3 months you just need 17 days to change your life by practical experience at or iPhone repairing centre many happy students.

Why Choose Us.!

Baba Cable &Tools, based at New Delhi, has been established in 2007. It has individual identity and uniqueness for their products in the Indian market. The reason behind this uniqueness of Baba Cable &Tools, is that it is direct manufacturer of goods from China, with no third party involvement. And this is one of the reasons for our high quality products with affordable prices.

Our aim is to become India’s largest online service provider for all kinds of mobile repairing tools and machines.

We currently deals in the OCA Lamination Machines, SMD Rework Station, IC and Glass, MacBook Parts, iPhone and iWatch repair tools & touch glasses, Microscopes, BGA Stencils, Touch Separator and Power Supply.

Apart from this we provide trainings for iPhone repair, CPU level training, EMMC training and much more.

We are always glad to provide reliable and efficient services to our customers with all kinds of support. Try us and you will see that we take care to Our Machine Quality, Safe & Fast Delivery and overall efficiency in meeting our customers’ requirements.